Soft Tissue Grafts

Soft tissue grafts are often utilized to treat gum recession. Recession can be caused by many factors such as tooth positioning, trauma, periodontal disease, aggressive tooth brushing, among many other things. Gum grafts can cover the roots that have become exposed and also thicken or develop gum tissue where it is deficient or missing in order to prevent future recession.

When tooth roots become exposed, the teeth can become sensitive to cold, decay is more prevalent (roots are not covered by enamel), and uneven gum margins can pose an esthetic problem.

Soft tissue grafting is a very common procedure that is utilized for a variety of reasons. Grafting teeth with exposed roots helps to alleviate discomfort due to sensitivity to cold drinks and foods. Since roots are made of a softer substance than enamel, root decay is certainly an issue with exposed roots. Grafting these areas can help prevent root decay. As gum tissue recedes, the bone that supports the teeth recedes with it. By having a gum graft done, this helps restore the area to health, stopping both gum loss and bone loss. Further, soft tissue grafting can correct any esthetic gum Issues you may have. As a cosmetic procedure, grafting can even out gum tissue margins leading to a more symmetrical smile.

The procedure itself involves taking tissue from the roof of the mouth or using a tissue matrix that we have available. The area that is to be grafted is prepared by pushing back the existing gum tissue to create an area or "pouch" that will accept the grafted tissue. The grafted tissue and the existing gum tissue are then sutured to close the wound. The vast majority of healing will take place over the first month. Post-operative instructions are given to instruct you how to care for the area.

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