Our Office Now Offers Patients A
New, Drug Free Way to Relieve Dental
MUNCIE, INDIANA - NOVEMBER 6, 2019- Dr. Browning is proud to offer patients a new, drug free solution that helps relieve
dental pain and anxiety, at no extra cost to their patients.
The product is called OperaVR, and instead of using drugs to calm dental
patients fears, it uses technology, harnessing the power of virtual reality to
both immerse patients in calming environments and relieve them of their
OperaVR was created specifically for dentists who are interested in offering
the very best to calm dental anxiety. When asked about the experience,
patient Eric Bujarski said “I hate seeing tools go in, and wondering what was
happening… Within two minutes of putting the headset on, I totally lost track
of where I was. When the girl tapped me and told me the visit was over, I
didn't believe her, it had been over 40 minutes.”
VRs ability to alleviate pain and anxiety has been extensively researched and
scientifically proven. In a 2009 article on the effect of VR on pain in the
Journal of Burn Care & Research, studies showed that VR reduced pain in a
variety of ways -- including the intensity of the pain, the time spent thinking
about it and its unpleasantness. In a 2013 study published by the Journal of
the American Dental Association, researchers showed that blood pressure
and pulse rate were lower in dental patients who were experiencing VR at the
dental office and that they preferred having VR distraction to not having it.
Also, in a 2014 study by Plymouth University, doctors found that when
distracted by VR, dental patients didn't only have a better experience while in
the dental chair, they also had fewer vivid memories of their treatment
experience afterwards.
To schedule an appointment with Dr. Browning and enjoy a
complimentary VR experience call us at 765.289.4867.